Friday, 27 February 2009

Example/ try outs of shots and colour

Some examples of me using Lou Romano's Style

Thinking about alternative shots

Looking at Lou Romano's back ground art; I have been inspired! It has realy made me think about different camera shots to make the scene more dramatic. Oil paints, smeared very loosly will have a great effect, especially in those dramatic scenes.

Images by Lou Romano.

The works by Lou Romano are very similar to those back grounds in samurai Jack, very sharp and blocky. They have given me another view on Hell and how I should attempt to recreate my back grounds.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Samurai Jack Backgrounds

I have been brought up with cartoon network from an early age, so it having influence with my film should not be unexpected. The background art in most of the Cartoon Networks animations are sharp, and blocky. I have tried to get a similar feel to my back grounds.

The back ground art for Samurai Jack is by the ever-talented Scott Wills (painter) and Dan Krall (layout designer).